Yahoo Publisher Network ads suffer major downtime

The first news of YPN downtime came on Digital Point at 11:20 PM PST Thursday night. WebmasterWorld reported it an hour later. Members on both forums discussed seeing only blank spaces across all YPN sites (including the YPN ads here).

Outage lasted nearly six hours, with some users beginning to report seeing YPN on a limited number of sites at about 5pm PST. However, the ads were soon back to showing white space on all sites for another couple of hours, when ads began to slowly return to sites.

Total downtime was about 12 hours, which will make a significant dent in publisher’s earnings for the day. And as can be expected, some publishers switched out YPN for AdSense.

While YPN does not offer an alternate ad option because their RON ads should appear when more targeted ads would be displayed, publishers having the option of an alternate ad would have meant publishers could monetize that web space during any YPN downtime, and would have reduced the number of publishers removing YPN for AdSense. But without this kind of option (and which AdSense does offer) it means that publishers will be forced to show a white block of space in place of their regular ad unit when YPN suffers downtime for any reason.

Publishers have not reported seeing any more blank ad units for the past couple of hours, hopefully the problem has been completely resolved on YPN’s end. And no word from YPN on the nature of the outage, or if publishers can expect to see any kind of compensation for such an extensive ad serving outtage.

Update: YahooSarah has posted an update in the Digital Point thread.


The Yahoo! Publisher Network beta experienced an unexpected serving outage for several hours early this morning. The issue has been fixed, and all systems are now operating normally.

On behalf of the entire YPN beta team, we’re very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks to all of you for your continued feedback.


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5 comments to Yahoo Publisher Network ads suffer major downtime

  • Interesting. I didn’t notice much of a change in earnings, I wonder what this day would have been like without the outage…

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  • Hi Jen,

    I am a new user of the Yahoo Publisher Network.

    The interface is easy to use, and they have great reporting. However, my BIG COMPLAINT is the lack of targeting. I went into my console and made sure everything was targeted properly.

    But, the ads are still NOT relevant to my content. And the ads aren’t even relevant to each other! Any ideas?

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