AdSense beta testing third party tracking in image ads

Selected members have begun to receive an email from Google about the new third party tracking AdSense beta they will begin testing. This is a true beta (there were some publishers questioning if it really was from the AdSense team. For those of you not contacted about it, here is the initial contact email.


As part of our efforts to continually improve the advertising experience for our users, advertisers, and publishers, we wanted to inform you that over the next few months we will be testing new ways to serve ads to your site. Specifically, we will be running a limited number of site-targeted campaigns that will leverage 3rd party ad-serving/tracking technology.

As part of the test, you may see an increase in revenue as a result of advertisers selecting your site for site-targeted campaigns.

To track the performance of a campaign, 3rd parties ad-servers may place a cookie on users

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7 comments to AdSense beta testing third party tracking in image ads

  • I fail to see why they need to obtain the ip address by means of the cookie then to make things a bit more uneasy, Google does not have access to the info. Who will police this type of thing?
    In recent history we have seen things like rootkits from Sony and Symantec. Two trusted companies who deliberately gained information about its users without user knowledge.

    This whole new Beta system leaves the door open for more of the same from Googles advertisers since Google isnt policing it themselves.

    The user need and demands protection and its Googles responsibility to provide it in this situation and by not getting the info, how are they to confirm the gained info is appropriate?

    Concerned in Canada……..

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  • One of the “gotchas” in the announcement, is that participating sites need to carefully review their privacy policies to ensure that it continues to be valid when these services are deployed.

  • Adsense tests 3rd party tracking

    Adsense started a limited beta in which advertisers can opt in to allow 3rd party ad tracking on their site.

  • JenSense says AdSense testing third party tracking in image ads. Are these via AOL?

    Jensense reports that Google will begin testing third party tracking in image ads. The blogosphere is buzzing about this, wondering if the payouts to publishers will be higher (or lower) with these new ads. However, I’m interested in this because

  • Simply put… We are watching our own posterior ends and its up to you to look after your own

  • Got my first Google Adsense 3rd Party Tracked Ad– Its for AOL

    A few days ago, Jensense announced that Google will begin testing third party tracked ads. My posting on that can be found here. Well, I just got my first third party tracked ads, I’ll tell you all about them. It

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