The AdSense Referrals Team is Listening….

The AdSense Referrals Team is looking for feedback on their referrals program.

One of our goals on the referrals team is to continually give you new and improved features. Now we’d like to hear more of your feedback.

Anything and everything is welcome — this is your chance to tell us if there’s a new button design you want us to create or a cool new feature idea you’ve been dying to tell us about. So, whether you simply want to share your success story or you have suggestions to help us improve your ‘referrals experience’, please feel free to send us a note!

You can give them feedback by emailing the support team.

I was chatting with AdSenseAdvisor, and I am assured that all feedback on the referrals program received over the next few days is being given priority, so if you have any feedback or suggestions of what you would like to see, be sure to send the AdSense team your email.

One feature I would really like to see added is the ability to track referrals by channel or URL. Since most publishers have more than one site, it is impossible to know what sites or pages are converting best – or even which format is working best.

Another request I have heard of is the ability to use text links for AdSense referrals. However, from a quality perspective (and watching how the Chitika eMiniMalls text link referrals went spam crazy so quickly), I cannot see AdSense offering any kind of real text link referral ads – much less one where the publisher could specify the anchor text. If AdSense decided to do any kind of text links, I would guess it would be a button stylized to look like text, so they would still have full control over it.

So if you have your own ideas of what you would like to see, be sure to send your feedback.

AdSenseAdvisor has also started a thread Your Feedback on Referrals on DigitalPoint.

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