Everybody’s got a story… what’s your AdSense story?

Once again, AdSense is looking for feedback from their publishers, this time they want to know how AdSense has impacted your life.

They are asking publishers to submit the following:

1) Describe your website. What makes it useful or unique?

2) Give us some background on your business and website. How did you get started? Has your business grown or changed? How has AdSense impacted your business?

3) Tell us about your AdSense experience. How did you learn about the product? Why was AdSense of interest to you? What features do you use? How satisfied are you with AdSense? How has the way you use AdSense changed over time?

4) How do you make your AdSense earnings work for you? Quit your day job? Pay the rent? Finally buy those dancing shoes?

5) Do you use other Google products to help your business? (for example, Google Analytics, AdWords, Froogle, Google Local, to name a few) If so, describe how…

I am a little disappointed to see there is no “What kind of features would you like to see us add?” on this feedback survey, publishers are never shy about suggesting potential new features in the forums, especially as it applies to their own sites and this would have been a good opportunity to really see what shiny new things publishers would like to play with in AdSense.

I have heard some amazing stories from publishers myself, so I know there are some great stories out there waiting to be told. To submit your story, click here. And when you submit your story, you can let AdSense know if you are interested in being featured in a future case study! So get ready to step up on your soap box and tell AdSense your story 🙂

AdSenseAdvisor has started a thread about this on DigitalPoint.

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5 comments to Everybody’s got a story… what’s your AdSense story?

  • Hopefully they’ll do a case study about the people they dropped from AdSense without giving a valid reason.

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  • I hear ya Paul…according to the unscientific poll on my site, 71% of banned AdSense publishers didn’t cheat.

  • I think the only 2 way to leave adsense is 2 earn less than other program or to be banned .

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