Google hiring AdWords Seminar Leaders

If you are a Google Advertising Professional for AdWords based in the US, you may have received an invitation to apply to be an AdWords Seminar Leader. This program is looking for leaders to conduct day-long seminars in various locations across the US.

Those who have been asked to apply will need to submit their resume, a two minute long video where the applicant talks about an aspect of AdWords of their own choosing, as well as an application form that AdWords supplies.

Those who are accepted will be paid (although the amount is not specified) and they will also be granted an AdWords contact to keep the leaders up to date on the latest and greatest in AdWords.

This is an interesting approach by Google, but I suspect that applicants will probably be more interested in the contacts and perks of the job, as opposed to the pay. And it will be something to watch if becoming a Seminar Leader working for Google will hurt advertisers and agencies relations with Yahoo! Search Marketing and other PPC providers. I am sure more details will be known once leaders are selected and the first seminars are held.

Also, other Google teams are likely watching this experiment to see if it is something that could be expanded to other Google products, such as “AdSense Optimization Seminars” (similar to the Bay Area Forum I participated in at the Googleplex) or “Sitemaps & Analytics Seminars”.

Via ThreadWatch.

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3 comments to Google hiring AdWords Seminar Leaders

  • Dan

    I received an email in December about becoming a Seminar Leader. The email (while vague) described a possible situation that sounded very good and was a good fit for what I am trying to do. I sent in my resume/video to Google before (what I was told) the January 15th deadline.

    I have been using Adwords since 2002 and have been a GAP for over six months. In addition to buying online advertising, I have also planned, negotiated, and bought traditional media from national magazines and newspapers. Finally, I have taught one-day training sessions on graphic design software and a lecture course (on graphic design) at a local community college.

    I mention this only because these were the requirements they listed.

    Here is the whine/rant:

    I waited to hear a response after the Jan 15th deadline, but did not hear anything.

    Earlier this month I spoke at a large seminar (not SES) on Search Engine Marketing. A week before I was to speak, I sent an email to the Google Seminar Team inviting them to come see me speak (the seminar was in Las Vegas, just a short hop from the Googleplex).

    The day before I spoke I received an email stating that I was “not a fit” for the AdWords Seminar Leader role. Note that they said “not a fit,” interesting that I am “not a good fit” only “not a fit” (trying to be funny here).

    I am bummed, I am not sure what they are looking for. If anyone has been accepted, good for you!

  • I met few of those Seminar Speakers and honestly you know much more than all of them,…so you just have to be happy.

    They are looking for handsome guys….

    that is what appeared to me when i met all of them

  • I hear ya, Dan!

    I have similar qualifications and was bummed to hear about not “being a fit” either. I’m guessing it must have been my video, or that I do so much with organic or Yahoo! Search Marketing, too.. There weren’t any details in the invite about what the video should have on it. Mine was, er, low budget. Hey, I had just a few days to put it together. I just would love to know where it was that I screwed up. I could have learned from it. Could it have been that I was from Kentucky? Nah… Good ‘ole Matt Cutts is from just down the road a spell.

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