YPN adds message center & more to account interface

Yahoo! Publisher Network has just completed a three hour maintenance session and there are some new features that have been added for publishers.

First, a new messaging system has been integrated into the control panel. Not only can YPN communicate changes or news for all publishers, they also have the option to display tips and info that is specific to each individual publisher.

As you can see, we’ve added a new messaging feature! As part of our ongoing effort to communicate directly with you, we can now send tips and information to you that are specific to your account. In addition, you’ll also find messages here that are general to all members of the Yahoo! Publisher Network such as announcements and notifications of new features (just like this one). We look forward to being in touch!

I have long requested this as a feature for AdSense, so it is nice to see that YPN has jumped on this feature and included it into their control panel. With emails from both publisher programs being blocked by overzealous ISPs or spam filtering programs, this is an added step to ensure that publishers receive any account alerts (such as policy violations or scheduled downtime notices) without there being the concern about emails not being received.

Second, the date range selector for reports now includes a pop-up calendar to select start and finish dates, similar to how travel sites utilize date selectors.

Third, publishers can now edit and remove reporting categories and URLs.

To help you better manage buy ambien online your Reports, we have added the ability to edit and delete your existing Reporting Categories. So edit away!

Not major, but nice nonetheless.

Unfortunately, these new goodies are overshadowed by the fact a nonsecure warning pops up on every single page view in IE and an unencrypted warning in Mozilla/Firefox.



It seems several small triangle/arrow images that are on http:// instead of https:// are causing the error. But it is quite annoying because a publisher must confirm the connection is not completely secure before viewing each page view, and definitely encourages publishers to do the least amount of page views within the account interface as possible. If that problem remains, it will definitely affect usability. I would hope this will be fixed very shortly, although I am surprised that it wasn’t caught earlier.

However, to be fair, Google AdSense has been annoying me (and other publishers, I am sure!) for months with the same unsecure error in the AdSense Help Section… in their case, it is the printer icon that is causing the error by being located on http:// instead of https:// However, in that case, it only affects the main page of the help section and not pages within the account control panel.

Overall, the changes are excellent, especially the messaging system they have added. And hopefully by the time you read this, the unsecure error will be fixed, as I would believe this would be a priority to rectify.

Forum discussion so far is only at DigitalPoint.

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4 comments to YPN adds message center & more to account interface

  • I notice the login form is quite different as well.
    Not the GUI, but previously, there used ajax, I think

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  • I like the way it all looks. But to me it seems like it takes A LOT longer to load the initial login page. In IE you don’t see all the connections it’s making to get it to load, but in Firefox you can see at least 10 to 12 connections if not many more trying to get it to load up. This wasn’t the case in the past.

  • Printer icon is fixed now. The AdSense folks were already on it when I emailed. 🙂

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