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Well, you may have heard the rumors for the last few months, but now I am officially announcing it… I will be hosting my own radio show on all things contextual advertising on the Network. I have made several appearances on the show in the past (often as a guest cohost for SEO Rockstars) as well as doing live coverage from various conferences. But now I am going to have my own show.

But, I need your help. First up, the show needs a name!! I don’t want the show to be the same name as the blog. Jentextual is one name being thrown around at the moment, but Daron (aka SEGuru) is insisting that the name be official very soon, so I need suggestions! Either comment on this entry, or drop me an email, and if you come up with the name that ends up being chosen, you get a public shout out 🙂

Second, I am open to suggestions for show topics and guest recommendations. Is there a publisher you would love to hear talk about how they have made their AdSense or YPN thousands or millions? Is there a particular rep who works in one of the programs that you would like to hear an interview with? Do you think you have something interesting to share about testing you have been doing with contextual advertising? Would you like to hear from someone who does click arbitrage? So if there are burning topics you would love to see covered on my show, I am definitely open to suggestions and guest ideas.

Official launch date is May 8, 2006 at 2pm EST / 11am PST. Stay tuned for more info as the date gets closer!

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