AdSense offers text link referral program

AdSense has launched new text link referrals to accompany the current AdWords, AdSense & Firefox image referrals program. However, before you get too excited, the wording of the text links are not customizable, but come in standard phrases similar to the wording on the referral images. However, the font is fully customizable, including the type of font and the type size.

While it is nice that the font can be customized by publishers, the fact they allow the font size to be customized did surprise me, since I easily changed the font size so that the sentence took up a considerable amount of the browser window. And bolding, italics etc are able to be used on the text as well. I can definitely see this being abused fairly quickly, and there is nothing (currently) in the policies that would prohibit it, since a publisher would not be changing the ad code to do this.

Here is an example of how the text link can be enlarged and bolded.

The code for the referrals text is encrypted by AdSense to prevent buy klonopin 2 mg publishers from making up their own text, although I am betting some publishers will be trying to figure this code to change the text, if it is possible.

The four AdSense referrals say:
This site monetized by Google Adsense
Generate revenue from your website. Google Adsense.
This site recommends Google Adsense for targeted ads
Get targeted ads on your site with Google Adsense

The AdWords referrals say:
Target your ads. Get Google AdWords.
Increase traffic to your website. Get Google AdWords.
Bring targeted traffic traffic to your site with Google AdWords Target a specific audience. Get Google AdWords.

The Firefox referrals say:
Get Firefox with Google Toolbar
Get Firefox with Google Toolbar for better browsing
Browse the web faster. Get Firefox with Google Toolbar
Firefox with Google Toolbar

The new text link referrals are only available for those publishers using U.S. English, but more languages are planned to be released in the future.

All in all, many publishers will love this option, although after I watched the whole Chitika text link referral fiasco, I was surprised when AdSense decided to allow publishers use text links for referrals as well.

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6 comments to AdSense offers text link referral program

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  • Josh

    Do you mind posting new content and not just taking news from the Adsense blog… I used to come here for “new news” but now I find almost a copy of the adsense blog

  • Wow Josh, it seems the Adsense blog article about this is quite miniscule compared to this one here. She has gone more in depth, tested out the Text Links reported back something she thought could be abused, etc. To me that is real news, above and beyond the story on the Adsense blog.

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