YPNBlog Guest Columnist & YPN on Click This!

My guest blog on YPN & YPN’s interview on Click This!

AdSense Injection WordPress plugin prevents banner blindness

New Wordpress plugin allows bloggers to automatically rotate ad size and positioning…

AdSense thinks borderless is better

AdSense is changing the default ad unit style…

AdSense video ads graduate from rich media beta test

Click to play video ads have graduated from the rich media beta test to becoming a full member of the AdSense ad unit style lineup….

AdSense referral buttons in new languages

Quigo AdSonar’s new scrolling ad units are hot

Quigo’s AdSonar has a new style of ad unit that is probably my favorite ad unit style to date from any publisher network. This ad unit features three ads showing in an ad unit, but every five seconds or so, the ads within the ad unit scrolls upwards by one ad, and shows a new […]

Botnet clicking AdSense ads revealed

A botnet has been discovered and outted by the SANS institute for clicking on AdSense ads in what is likely a clickbot-for-hire situation….

Click This! first show is available for download

The first Click This! episode with my guest Kim Malone from Google is now available for download on….

JenSense radio show launches Monday with special guest Kim Malone from Google

AdSense updates their Program Policies, and backdates it two months