Click This! first show is available for download

The first episode of Click This! with my guest Kim Malone from Google is now available for download on Webmasterradio. I have received lots of good feedback so far, and the chat room was pretty active during the show airing.

For those who want to keep track, it is airing on Mondays at 2pm EST / 11am PST. And here are all the important links you need:

Download archive shows here

Subscribe to the feed to alert you when new episodes are available for download (scroll down to “Click This!”).

And to download the first show with my special guest Kim Malone, click here.

Next week, Will Johnson, the GM and VP of the Yahoo! Publisher Network will be my guest, you don’t want to miss it! If you would like to submit your question to be asked, either comment in this entry, or there is a thread at DigitalPoint on it. Yes, I am asking about YPN going international 😉

Thank you to Kim for being such a great first guest, and thanks to everyone who tuned in and joined the chat!

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5 comments to Click This! first show is available for download

  • That was a nice first show and I am looking forward to the next shows, especially to that question about YPN going international. 🙂 We need more competitors in “googleland” Germany. So I would be interested which countries are first on their list for an international rollout and when it will happen.

    Furthermore I would like to hear what he likes most about Google AdSense and why a publisher should prefer YPN over AdSense.

  • I’d like to hear about future trends. If the number of companys offering contextual advertising increases, will the available advertisers per company decrease, lowering the number of clicks, lowering the payout? Is the trend for more and more advertisers signing up, or have we reached a threshold? If not what is the threshold of available advertisers? Are advertisers finding that the ads are profitable, are they losing money but are glad to be gaining “exposure”? What is the percentage of advertisers who sign on and then either continue, increase spending, or drop out?
    Enjoyed the show, by the way. Hey, where’s my “shout out” for coming up with the name? What’s a shout out?
    David Goldman

  • Its a shame that you dont have a simple RSS feed for those of us whom dont use the podcatchers listed. As you will probably find the vast majority of users out there use Juice/IpodderX which doesnt appear.

    An unfortunate side effect of the podcasting boom is podcasts that arent availible to all users because of market tracking needs. It never pays to cut off listeners just to track use. Dont get me wrong, I know bandwidth costs can be high but a happy medium needs to be found, convienience for the user and the ability to cover costs and even maybe make a profit.

  • David … agreed. I’d love a simple feed alerting me to when shows are on. I even tried to subscribe to an email alert (welcome to the 90s), but there is no way to sign up for alerts on all programs. Believe me, I tried to find it. You have to sign up program by program.

  • Yes, simple rss feed.

    I was amused by the “clicking on your own ads” part of that. One thing that has annoyed me is that every once in a while I have accidentally clicked on my own ads. Heck, I usually have ten or more broswer tabs open and often am also running other browsers and lots of other windows – I have absolutely no intention of clicking my own ad, but a couple of times a year it’s bound to happen.

    Trying to be an honest person, I’ve reported that to Google when it has happened. Invariably I get back a strong “Don’t do that!!!” kind of thing. Sheesh: I’d happily refund whatever the click was worth. Instead of chastising me for something I already know not to do, why not just let me submit the accidental click and take it out of my earnings?

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