Quigo AdSonar’s new scrolling ad units are hot

Quigo’s AdSonar has a new style of ad unit that is probably my favorite ad unit style to date from any publisher network. This ad unit features three ads showing in an ad unit, but every five seconds or so, the ads within the ad unit scrolls upwards by one ad, and shows a new ad on the bottom. There are a total of four ads within the rotation, with only threee ads shown at once. They scroll up fairly slowly, but mousing over the ad unit will pause the scrolling to allow an interested viewer to click on an ad.

The ads can be seen at on internal news pages such as this one (scroll towards the bottom to see a large rectangle below the article and on the bottom right column). DenverPost is one of their private label network partners, which allows them to gain new advertisers to their site, while the ads are implemente and served by AdSonar.

I find these ad units so interesting because the scrolling catches a visitor’s eye without being obtrusive like some graphic animation ads can be. And they are still text ads, which many publishers and advertisers find more successful that other types of non-text advertising. And rotating only four ads in a three-ad-size ad unit also gives an advertiser repetition where they could potentially notice the same advertisement several times as it scrolls up.

It will be interesting to watch and see if any of the other contextual companies release similar scrolling ad units in the future, because they do have many benefits to both advertisers and publishers. Kudos to Quigo for launching such a fresh new ad unit style.

Note: This blog post was corrupted in the database and was reposted, please see for original comments

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