AdSense Injection WordPress plugin prevents banner blindness

My friend Dax created this cool AdSense Injection script which will automatically insert AdSense into your WordPress blog entry in a different position each page view, reducing the chance of banner blindness on your blog. It randomly inserts your AdSense code in place of a paragraph break. You can supply your own customized color palette as well.

It currently only works for AdSense, but YPN support is on the to do list, as is channel support to determine which ad placement and style is your blog’s “Sweet Spot”.

There are more details here, you can view the control panel options here or you can go straight to download it here.

Dax is taking feature requests for future versions as well, if you think something would be cool to see in the next release.

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8 comments to AdSense Injection WordPress plugin prevents banner blindness

  • Sweet! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Works like a charm. Now I’m heading over to thank Dax for a top-notch plugin.


  • Thank for the Tips off

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  • Thanks for the heads up Jenstar. The code is easily edited to use YPN ads. Although not all the sizes are supported by YPN, so just be sure not to put a checkmark in those 🙂

  • This looks really awesome. Thanks much for the tip!

  • Would be great if in future versions, is posible to alternate colors also.

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