YPNBlog Guest Columnist & YPN on Click This!

I was pleased to be YPN’s first guest columnist (other than the famed Jeremy Zawodny) with the column “Color Me Clickable“.

Many publishers fail to realize the true importance of ad unit colors when generating their Yahoo! Publisher Network ad javascript. In fact, I have seen revenue quadruple when publishers make a simple change to their color schemes.

So how do you know if a color scheme is a good one or a bad one? By testing. For each color scheme you choose, you will want to create a new Reporting Category. But before you do that, you need to figure out what color schemes might work best for you.

You can read the full article here.

Also last week, I interviewed Will Johnson, the GM & VP of Yahoo! Publisher Network for my radio show Click This! You can download the MP3 here. And yes, I did ask him about when YPN will be going international, among other hot topic items such as publisher suspensions, click fraud and all about their latest feature, direct deposit.

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7 comments to YPNBlog Guest Columnist & YPN on Click This!

  • Sounds good Jen. I can’t wait until I get my cable internet set up so I can hear it.

  • chikung

    Dear Jen,

    Thanks a lot for displaying your picure at last. You look great:)

    I liked the interview and thank god they are positive to go internationally several at a time and not part by part. Being a publisher from asia, I am happy to know that they really consider asia as a fast growing market for contextual advertising even than US.

    I have 2 questions though.

    1. They said they are ready to listen the appeal of the publisher who get suspended and give oppprtunity if the publisher think he is innocent. But in the first place, are they going to mension clearly the reason behind the suspension? because mostly I heard that we get some general reason and not specific once.

    2. Google came up with blogger and gave opportunity to monetize the blogs to the publishers by adding adsense to it. Yahoo has their Groups since ages and they are working so well. Are they going to give the same opprotunity to the group owners to monetize their Yahoo groups by adding YPN?

  • Its amazing that you are on YPN Blog Jen! 🙂

    I agree with chikung. I’d really want YPN guys to –

    1. Send a warning message in case they find invalid clicks or TOS breach & allow the webmaster to take necessary action. Or they can just ignore the invalid clicks and pay only for the clicks they think are valid.

    2. I’m not on YPN yet. Waiting for them to go international. But once launched, I’d really want to promote Yahoo products such as Y!Messenger, Flickr, Y!Desktop Search and get paid 😀 . Adnsense is paying $1 for each FireFox download. Hope yahoo comes up with something similar.

    Everything else is fine at my end. Waiting for your next post.

  • To CrazyEngineer: Adsense isn’t paying $1 for every referral, they are paying UP TO $1. Most of my referrals earned $0.10 up to $0.50, only once did I earn the full $1. Anyways, it would be nice to see YPN do something similar with their products.

    Also, YPN does send warning messages for some instances. Things like sending non-US visitors to the ads have been known to receive a quick notice before the eventual ban.

  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the info. I didn’t really use the FF referral. Now the big question is, how do we protect visitors from a particular location on Earth (or some other planet in Universe, who knows 😀 ).

    Let’s hope that YPN just ignores the invalid clicks and never ban anyone from the network. This will gain them a big advantage over Adsense.

    Jen, your comments please. 🙂

  • when does ypn become international? how long time should i wait for?

  • chikung

    The answer for YPN become international is unpredictable. He said in the interview that they definitely on the way but he can not share the exact date or even the period. They see good potential in asia and other countries and they want to go several at a time.