AdSense officially announces API for developers

I couldn’t say anything on the API until Google officially announced their AdSense API, but now they have 🙂

The AdSense API allows developers to sign up new publishers who are publishing content through their site, and not only will they earn the $100 referral bounty on publishers who earn at least $100 within 180 days, but they will also earn 15% of that publishers earnings in a revenue share. And developers can optimize their ads without requiring each individual publisher to do it.

The AdSense API also comes with its own full set of terms that developers must adhere to in order to be in the program. Most interesting is the portion regarding scraping.

d) Data Collection. Except as expressly permitted by Google under a separate Google product or service feature, you shall not use any automated means other than the AdSense API (for example scraping and robots) to access, query or otherwise collect Google-related information from Google, the AdSense program or any website owned or operated by Google or a Google partner site that displays Google advertising (collectively, “Google Scraping”).

It also continues to state that developers must not allow their clients to participate in Google Scraping.

It would be very interesting to see something like this show up in a future AdSense terms, and see how publishers using scraped data handle this – particularly the clause that covers all sites displaying Google advertising.

They also include a case study for Blogger, which integrates using the API. And there is a Google Groups available for API developers using this program as well, and full documentation.

Lastly, the program is in beta and free to developers who qualify. They m ust have a minimum of 100,000 page views per day, and have customers/clients who maintain online content through that site.

Think you qualify? Apply here.

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