New MSN adLab includes some contextual offerings

MSN adLab‘s officially announced their beta yesterday, and among a wide variety of keyword tools include two contextual advertising demos, with two more listed as “coming soon”.

Content Categorization
Classify websites into categories.

Keyword Categorization
Classify words into categories.

Exploring MSN: Online Advertising Intelligence Service Coming soon!
Analyze publisher website content and its audience to provide advertisers insights for ad placement and targeting.

Keyword Extraction Coming soon!
Extract representative keywords from a webpage content.

There are also two behavior targeted demos, also with two more listed as coming soon.

Demographic Prediction
Predict a user’s demographic information such as age and gender based on his/her past behaviors.

Online Commercial Intention Detection
Online commercial intention refers to a user’s intention to conduct a commercial activity, such as buying, selling, bidding, and so on. Predict a user’s commercial intention from their search query or a recently visited URL.

Ads Delivery on Social Network Coming soon!
Leverage social networks to create a new ad delivery channel.

Behavioral Targeting System Coming soon!
Create flexible and precise behavioral segments using different data sources, including clickstream, search query, and demographic information.

Another useful demo is the Search Term Mutation Detection, which supplies mispellings for keywords. There are many more demos available here, with many of them related to paid search.

I had seem some of these demos several months ago while at Mix06, including their Search Volume Seasonal Forecast demo that so many advertisers will find handy while planning seasonal campaigns, so it is nice to see so many of them widely available to users now.

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