Want to work for AdSense, YPN or another contextual company?

AdSense just had a blog post saying they are looking for some new AdSense Team Members, and they are recruiting publishers to fill some of these positions.

So, if you want to work in the contextual advertising field on the program side of things, here are some links for you:

AdSense job openings (all in MountainView) with speculation that one position is for an AdSenseAdvisor type position.

Yahoo Publisher Network job openings (all Sunnyvale or Burbank) including a Senior Product Manager position

And for good measure, some Microsoft adCenter positions (although a search for “ContentAds” returns no results, some of them could potentially be for the contextual side of things since they will begin testing contextual this summer).

Kanoodle openings

None of the positions include earnings information. Problem is, most of the publishers they really want are probably making so much money with AdSense and/or YPN that it doesn’t make sense to go and work for them, unless they happen to be really passionate about the job.

That said, it would be pretty cool to have a well known member of the community working on one of the teams 😉

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