“RPC” added to YPN reporting

One of the new changes to the YPN reporting updates deserves an entry of its own. Yahoo has added “RPC” to the reports publishers generate.

I admit, I could tell by looking which figure it was they are referring to, what I refer to as Earnings Per Click or EPC, but I didn’t know what the R in RPC stood for off the top of my head. I find it curious that YPN did not use the common terminology for it, and instead went with RPC which stands for Revenue Per Click.

Average Revenue-per-Click. This shows the average amount of revenue you earn each time someone clicks an ad on your site. Average RPC is equal to (Revenue)/(Clicks)

This is something AdSense Publishers have been requesting for quite some time, but YPN is the first to release this figure to publishers so they no longer have to calculate it themselves when viewing reports and wanting to know just how much they are making on average per click.

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