YPN lengthens pay period for publishers

When Yahoo Publisher Network recently released their new control panel and direct deposit feature, they also announced they had shortened their pay period to only 25 days, so publishers would be paid for earnings by the 25th of the following month, beating Google AdSense to when checks would be sent to publishers each month. However, it sounds as though this time period was a bit ambitious for YPN, as they have announced that they will not be able to issue payments by the 25th, but will be sending them by the 27th instead, two days later than expected.

In the control panel for publishers is the May payment notice:

May balances will be calculated and both check and direct deposit payments will be issued June 27, 2006 to qualified publishers.

This does appear to be a permanent change, which is unfortunate since YPN got plenty of kudos for beating AdSense for getting payments to publishers quickest. However, the help guide has not been updated as of yet.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. Your revenue accrues over the course of the calendar month. On the 24th of the following month, your revenue will be transferred to your available balance. If your available balance is at least $100, a payment will be issued on the 25th according to the payment method you have selected. If you have opted to receive payment by check it may take seven to ten business days for mail delivery.

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2 comments to YPN lengthens pay period for publishers

  • I figured this was because the 24th and 25th fell on the weekend. They probably are waiting until Monday to start the transfer to available balance, making Tuesday the day when the deposit will actually happen.

  • It is because the 25th is on a weekend. YPN stated this when they released the new time period.

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