Looking for a few good guests

I have spaces to fill for publishers who would like to come on Click This! and talk about contextual advertising issues. Don’t worry if you feel you can only fill up 15 to 20 minutes and not an hour, because I can have a couple different guests on a show about a specific topic.

Because some of these are “hot topics” I can keep your true identity under wraps from everyone so I will ensure your confidentiality as a guest 🙂 You can use your first name only or a forum handle, for example. Or you can share your name and URL with the world, or at least the world that listens to Click This! if you want the promotion 😉

I am looking for:

  • Someone doing click arbitrage (buying PPC ads and hoping that traffic leaves with a click on your ads)
  • Supplementing AdSense/YPN with affiliate income
  • Someone with a network of scraper sites (don’t worry, I won’t be on the “you evil person scraping…” side of things, but rather to talk about the nitty gritty of how it is done, the payoffs, any problems, etc…)
  • Someone suspended from AdSense/YPN who has been reinstated
  • Those who have written supplemental programs for AdSense/YPN to help (trackers, stat checkers, etc. Sorry, “highest paying AdSense keyword lists” don’t count).
  • Anyone participating in a click circle (confidentiality definitely guaranteed on this one!)

Think you fit the bill? Send me an email (or a PM on Digital Point)! And yes, international publishers are welcome, I am not only looking for US publishers 🙂

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9 comments to Looking for a few good guests

  • I am looking forward to listening to the podcast. It has been on my podcatcher since the first show.

  • Joe Banner

    Great topic, but how can I trust someone that censors my comments?

  • I certainly have never censored anyone’s comments. The only possibility is if a comment trips the blog spam filter – and email addresses that you have used have tripped the filter because it is used by spammers blog spamming, however I always remove it when I see it’s been added to the ban list. And you have commented before and it went through without problems.

  • “Jen”, it is the worst kept secret in the business that you are simply an extension of Google. Your “talking points” are nothing more than Google’s current worries.

    Why don’t you write an essay about how clickfraud doesn’t really exist, just like Google is claiming in their bogus settlement they’re trying to get approved right now to avoid billions in liablity?

    My only question is, how stupid are marketing people such that they havent even figured your identity out by now?

  • CPCcurmudgeon

    With your ties to Google, I’d be surprised if any fraudsters accepted
    your invitation.

  • Listening to your shows, i don’t think you are tied to Google in anyway.

    I think you ask good questions to all the different vendors.

  • Well, anonymous commenter, sorry to disappoint you, but no, I do not work for Google (nor any other advertising company for that matter), nor have I worked for them in the past.

    If I was working for Google, do you think I would be a guest blogger on the YPN blog, be invited to Microsoft where I interviewed Jed on the adCenter team, or be the contextual & advertising expert for Search Engine Watch Blog? Not a chance.

    Am I a fan of Google? Certainly, but so are a lot of other publishers earning through AdSense. And I am also a fan of YPN and likely will be with ContentAds as well. But it certainly doesn’t mean I sugar coat anything related to any of the programs. I have no problems with pointing out anything I feel Google has screwed up on (as I have multiple times in the past).

    As for click fraud, I certainly believe it exists and have written about click fraud issues both on JenSense and Search Engine Watch Blog, as well as talked about it in Q&A at many conferences.

    So as I said, sorry to disappoint but I do not work for Google.

  • chikung

    I never felt that Jen is tied with google or any company for that matter. I feel she is always balanced in her questions and they are targeted towards the true qauries of the publishers like us. Well if I speak the truth about what I really feel in this matter, am I tied with jen?

  • CPCcurmudgeon


    I don’t know whether or not you work for Google, but you definitely
    interact with people who work for them. Knowing this, I would be
    surprised if any fraudsters took you up on your offer to be