Owners of are fed-up and sell off domain

In an interview with Wired Magazine, owner Alexis Garrett has revealed not only is he fed up with Google and all the phone calls he receives from people who want Google AdSense support, but also he has sold off the name for an undisclosed amount.

The domain sale was made in September 2005, just slightly under a year after Google declined an offer to purchase the domain from Garrett. While she will not disclose the purchaser of the domain, the purchaser takes control in September 2006. Interesting, though, she claims she sold the domain for a price that “covers expenses incurred from having to replace things like company stationery, brochures and business cards”. She states she sold it through a broker, but I am quite certain she could have sold it for many times more than that figure by selling on the open market.

It also raises the point of trademark. Google owns the AdSense trademark. If a new business sets up shop on with something that works off of the Google trademark, whether it is a resource site or competing against Google, there is the possibility that the new owner could lose the domain.

The article also mentions that’s application for AdSense was denied, which could be for several reasons, including the trademark policy (disallowing AdSense from appearing on a domain with a Google trademarked term) or because the site had a definite lack of content. is still currently in Garrett’s control, although she is in the process of converting it all over to her new domain… And sports the following “If you think you can get rich quick placing other people’s ads on your site or blog, please contact Google who has taken and used our business name without permission or compensation.”

And it will be interesting to watch in September to see just what shows up at and how Google will handle the new owner with whatever the end purpose of the domain becomes. While Garrett stated a clause in the domain sale stated the domain could not show “gambling, adult content or actions that are “questionably ethical””, that remains to be seen.

Forum thread at DigitalPoint.

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