Talking shop on Click This! with DaveN

Monday’s show of Click This! aired live and featured David Naylor as a guest for an open discussion format where we discussed everything from arbitrage to high paying keywords, MSN deranking AdSense sites to premium publisher’s custom AdSense ads.

And because we didn’t get time to cover everything we wanted to, DaveN is coming back next Monday (July 17th) for Talking Shop Part Two. So if you have anything you’d like to hear us discuss, please leave a comment.

You can download this week’s show here.

And here are some links and screenshots of some of the things we discussed:

We talked about the Digg ads, and that most people see a very faint “Ads by Google” on the leaderboard. However, I have never seen it on the leaderboard, so here’s a screenshot (click for full sized)


And a few links on topics we discussed:
AdWords new landing page algo affecting PPC arbitrage sites
Digital Point Spy Tool (shows real time posting)
Matt Cutts joining DigitalPoint
MSN deranking sites using AdSense
SES San Jose (Search Engine Strategies)

If I forgot any links, let me know, and don’t forget to suggest topics for Monday’s open discussion show.

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