Reporting YPN publishers gone bad just got easier

The Yahoo Publisher Network now has an easier way to report publishers doing things that violate the terms and policies of YPN.

Report abuses

Today, we

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3 comments to Reporting YPN publishers gone bad just got easier

  • fryman

    I’ve seen people wanting to buy invites all over the place. Some are even willing to pay over $1k. Just ridiculous, why doesn’t Yahoo just open up their program? Seems like an eternal beta, just like the ones Google loves to do.

  • I am sure selling YPN invites is a nice little side business for a few out there, especially since I have only heard of one invite code not actually working after being purchased on a forum or eBay.

  • Hopefully this means that Yahoo is getting their act together as far as traffic quality goes. Just this week they finally called me regarding a Myspace layout site I reported 6 months+ ago that was aggregating thousands of clicks a day for term life ads.