Detailed analysis of the new AdWords landing page algo

A few weeks back, I wrote about the impending Google AdWords landing page algo, and how it could affect those doing click arbitrage. Since the new algo launched, I did an interview with Google AdWords on the new algo and wrote an extensive article on it, including my top ten list of best practices to try and reverse the increased bid prices that were the result of the new algo.

The article was on Search Engine Watch SearchDay. There is a member’s only version and a shorter free version as well.

There is also a discussion about the findings in the article and what else people are doing to combat the new algo at the Search Engine Watch forums.

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2 comments to Detailed analysis of the new AdWords landing page algo

  • Just a question, has anyone ever asked Google or any of the other search engines if click fraud is an actual crime?

    I see that google refuses to use the world “clickfraud” anymore and now says “invalid clicks”

    Has there ever been a single case in court where this issue was decided?

    I know Google reserves the right to cancel your account if they catch you, but is there anything actually ILLEGAL about doing it? If not, is there any wonder why so many people are doing it?

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I was told by my Google rep that regarding “Quality Score”, very little emphasis is placed on the Google AdWords landing page algo as compared to the other criteria.

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