Open AdSense for Search results on your own site

Since AdSense for Search launched in the AdSense program, those who utilized the site search would then be rerouted through to a landing page, which would result in a visitor being navigated away from your own site in the process. Publishers could set the results to open in a new browser window, but the end result was that the user would no longer be on your site, even if an ad did not end up being clicked.

AdSense has now changed it so that you can now generate the search results within your own site, and the results will show in an iframe.

There are complete instructions here so you can start showing AdSense for Search results within your own site.

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3 comments to Open AdSense for Search results on your own site

  • Casey

    Do you know if it’s permissible to include adsense for content ads on our own adsense for search results page? Just curious if i can add the search results into my generic template or whether i need to create a new one w/ adsense for content ads stripped out.

  • As far as I know, Google do not like to put another ad on the results page. However, Google allows to show the search form again.

  • just wanna ask.. on what part of the HTML codes can I add the adsense search codes..
    I wanted the search result to appear on my body page.. but, if i add the code below the post.body codes it will appear below each of the post..

    can you help me on this?,, thanks..

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