Woman suing Google also claims they deleted her AdSense correspondence in Gmail

The woman who is suing Google is also filing an amended complaint (she sent me a copy of it) which also accuses Google of going into her Gmail account to delete all her correspondence she had with Google regarding her suspension from AdSense.

In her email to me, she voiced several complaints.

Google, Inc. provided me no means or method to reveiw

advertisers placed on my site

Well, that is the sole purpose of the AdSense Preview Tool, which allows publishers the ability to see up to 12 ads that would appear on their site for all AdSense geolocations.

Google, Inc. failed to remove advertisers to whom I provided objections to Google, Inc. via their objections method

All publishers are able to block their own advertisers whenever they want. And they have plenty of documentation of just how you can do this.

All communications between Google, Inc. including the contract, were removed by electronic intrusion into my e-Mail account. In addition to all Google, Inc. communications removed, Google, Inc. removed all other third parties’ communications to me that occurred during the same time period.

She claims that Google deleted her email from her Google GMail account, including all correspondence she had with Google AdSense team regarding her suspension from AdSense. Now, I am not familiar with the GMail team at Google, but I’d have a hard time believing this one. I have heard of GMail accounts being removed for TOS violations, but never emails within the account deleted by Google while the account remains active.

Steve Bryant has another good look at the new complaint as well, including the fact she also sued Yahoo because she claims they deleted her Geocities account (her former home of BravaCorp was at Geocities), as well as all her associated email accounts.

The lawsuit seeks $100,000 in damages to recoup 1,000 hours spent over 15 months designing, which Bradley claims has 500 pages and graphics files in nine languages

I still don’t think she has a leg to stand on if this goes to court. And it does show that Google is not always the “bad guy” when it comes to lawsuits being filed against them. This one is definitely without merit in my eyes.

Note: This blog post was corrupted in the database and was reposted, please see for original comments.

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