Google announces AdWords Seminars & seminar leaders

Back in March, Google AdWords began advertising that they were looking to hire some AdWords seminar leaders to lead day-long seminars actoss the US. They have now hired two leaders, one to lead beginner and the other to lead advanced advertisers, and they are know known as Google AdWords Seminars for Success.

Anastasia Holdren, vice president for Sitening is leading the beginner series. Brad Geddes, of the recently acquired LocalLaunch and well known on the forum and conference circuit as eWhisper, is leading the advanced series.

Full day sessions are $249 while afternoon-only sessions are $149. Price includes “Google goodies” and a $50 AdWords voucher to use on self-service accounts.

Google does make it clear that they are not running these sessions in their FAQ:

Is Google running these seminars?

No. AdWords Seminars for Success are being conducted by independent search marketing professionals who are not affiliated with or employed by Google. The seminars aren’t a sales pitch; leaders were chosen for their ability to candidly discuss and train on AdWords and search marketing, their extensive experience in the industry and their proven success in managing AdWords accounts. In addition, all Seminar Leaders are Qualified Individuals in the Google Advertising Professionals Program.

You can see the full topics covered for both beginner and advanced sessions here. You cannot register for the advanced sessions yet, but you can register now for the beginner ones.

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