Talking about suspended AdSense accounts on Click This!

The Click This! show you probably thought would never happen. On today’s show I brought in everyone’s favorite blackhat spammer DaveN to talk about suspended AdSense accounts, including how he would go about getting someone suspended from AdSense for click fraud. We also talk how to prevent being suspended from AdSense if you suspect someone is click botting you, the ways some people are getting around to rules to get another AdSense account and some things we wish AdSense would release to publishers to make our lives easier and keep our accounts safer.

After Click This, Dave & I continued our discussion on his show StrikePoint, namely because Dave didn’t want to worry about accidently swearing on my family-friendly Click This 😉 The show isn’t exclusively about AdSense, although primarily about Google & the SEORoadShow held on the weekend, and Dave outlines the plan for a big contextual advertising test we will do on a future show.

Download the first part on Click This! here.

Download the second part on Strikepoint here.

Also, a heads up on my previous episode of Click This with the Google AdSense optimization team giving their top optimization tips for publishers, as well as Vanessa Fox of Google Webmaster Tools (formerly Google Sitemaps) talking about the tools available that are useful for AdSense publishers. Download here.

And see you next week on Click This!

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2 comments to Talking about suspended AdSense accounts on Click This!

  • Hi, Jen

    I was wondering if you could discuss, on your podcast or blog, the issue of reporting splogs to Google Adsense, and trying to get their Adsense accounts shut down. This is a topic I just raised on my blog but I’m only just starting to learn about it, and I’d like to hear more about it from someon who knows more about Adsense than I do.

    Here’s my most recent posting on this theme:


    Amy Gahran

  • I always love to listen rather than reading tons and tons of text over text. Thanks for the podcast

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