Attending the Yahoo Influencers event for Panama release

I have just returned from Yahoo

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7 comments to Attending the Yahoo Influencers event for Panama release

  • Jen, thanks a lot for attending. It was great to hear everyone’s feedback, yours very much included of course!


  • Mark


    Great overview and as a yhoo shareholder who has gone through a lot these past couple months, I am glad that they are finally doing something right.


  • Hi Jen,

    Sounds like you had a fun time and thanks for a great review. I really hope they keep the keyword traffic tool – not sure I could live without it!


  • Jen, what’s your take on whether this new system will allow Yahoo to regain some of the market share they’ve lost to Google? (

    They’re falling further and further behind, and it’s no surprise to me. This stuff all sounds good, but is it enough to stop the slide?

  • So still no news about coming out of beta? If only they (and other companies) had used a different word, such as test or trail, then they would have had a better image.

  • Well, they could do a Flickr and leave beta for gamma 😛

  • James

    Features are okay, I guess … but the issues I and many other advertisers are most concerned about are engineering/programming fixes. There are many serious problems with Y!’s code, their accounting math, their reporting … when will we hear more about what they are doing to improve their programming? You can’t keep piling on features when the foundation is rotting and expect to survive … unless you’re Microsoft.