Yahoo Publisher Network portal gets a makeover

Yahoo Search Marketing isn’t the only one sporting something shiny and new these days. The Yahoo Publisher Portal has gotten a brand new look that launched this evening.

The most visible change is the look of the YPN launch page at Although I must say, that image at the top looks a little odd sans purple, and it did cross my mind to wonder if he’s an actual Yahoo’er as well.

Those who are not beta publishers now have access to more publisher information (before it was mainly kept behind the publisher login). You can now access pages such as free website tools (“Enhance Your Site”) which showcases many Yahoo products website publishers might find useful. “Drive Traffic to Your Site” was also added as well as “Build Your Site“.

There is also a YPN overview page which catches my eye everytime for the great use of colors on their sample YPN ad units (although granted, they look great together on that page, but probably are not the best color scheme choices for publishers implementing ad units on their pages).

They have also added a listing of the most recent YPN blog entries on the front page. And a new Flash tutorial has been added (although I didn’t spy it when I was poking around). Update: Click here, then click “take a tour”.

It is good to see some changes happening on the YPN side of things to go along with all the Panama changes on the YSM side of things. Now all we need are some new features added to YPN that publishers can make money with, and we’ll be set!

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