Talking Panama with Yahoo senior VP Steve Mitgang

For those of you who weren’t able to catch Click This live on Monday, the podcast is now available for download. My guest was Steve Mitgang, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the global team leading the definition, creation and marketing of Yahoo’s advertising products, platforms and services. And the topic was all things Panama, their new ad platform that launched just last week.

If you want a preview of what we covered, here is a quick rundown of what we covered during the one hour interview.

  • Why it was called Panama
  • How long it took to plan
  • Did Panama really cause a brain drain on other parts of Yahoo
  • Steve’s favorite feature in Panama
  • New YSM blog announced
  • Migration issues & bug fixes
  • How long the current waiting time is for migration
  • Downtime in the new system
  • When everyone will be upgraded
  • International rollout

  • Marketplace Design / Quality Index & how it works
  • Will landing pages be considered when judging quality
  • How fast ad activation works
  • Bulk uploading tools
  • API
  • Local search & geotargeting
  • Intuitive geotargeting with WhereonEarth
  • New YPN features
  • Ability of advertisers to block specific publisher sites
  • Click fraud

  • Multi-browser and platform functionality (No, they aren’t pulling an adCenter and only allowing their system to work on IE6 on Windows)
  • Will the minimum bid remain at $0.10
  • New split run testing
  • What assists are and how they work

I have probably missed some topics we covered, but that is a quickie look at some of the things we talked about.

You can download the MP3 here.
It was a great show, and while I didn’t get to quite ask everything I wanted to, I got to cover a lot of varied topics to do with Panama. I also managed to ask a question or two that popped up in the Webmasterradio chat room during the live show. And thanks to Steve Mitgang for doing the live show with me!

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