Video from the AdSense booth at SES San Jose

While at this year’s Search Engine Strategies San Jose, the AdSense team brought out a video camera and interviewed several publishers about their thoughts on AdSense. I was one of the publishers interviewed, and here is the final video.

You can see many of the AdSense team members in the background of the video as they work the Google booth. And you can also catch the interview I did with the AdSense optimization team while we were all at SES San Jose here.

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3 comments to Video from the AdSense booth at SES San Jose

  • Well Google AdSense is a great way to boost revenue on your site. I had used it for almost 3 weeks but unfortunately i was kicked off,
    Reason being was that i had been found clicking on my own adds. As this had occurred a couple of times i had contacted Google and informed them about the small incidents. After contacting them all went well and Google thanked me for my honesty.
    Three days after i had been permanently baned. Reason: Unknown.

    After all this i still find Google amazing and i enjoy using there services whilst i still can.

    But a quick message to all users! Use the Google AdSense Preview tool before you get too curious on what lies on the other side.


    An Unhappy Google Adsense user 🙁

    Iba Qarni

  • I am not sure how Google is going to get around click-fraud. I see it as a major problem. I am anxious about using them as an advertiser for my website. They should have more case studies from Publishers. I hope Jen can post more good stories.

  • Abs

    What happened to Iba happened to me as well, and I am kinda pissed !!
    By the way, Iba, how can I contact you ?! I have something I would like to ask !!

    Thank you,

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