New YPN Compliance Manager alerts publishers to TOS account violations

Many publishers fear the chance that they might get an email from their contextual advertising program – one of those important account-threatening ones – and it ends up not arriving because it has been spam filtered or there has been some other techy glitch. Now, Yahoo Publisher Network has released a new Compliance Manager to not only alert publishers to specific problems with any of their pages or websites, but also to detail not only what the specific problem is, but also at what exact URL the problem is located at.

Pages will be flagged in the account as one of the following:

  • Flagged

  • Warned
  • Suspended
  • Blocked

Also included is the specific TOS violation each URL contains.

Here is more detail on what you can see in your account, and how you resolve each of the issues.

Flagged: An issue that violates our terms of service has been identified on your web page. It is recommended that you address the issue to avoid future issues.

Warned: An issue has been identified with your web page. Action Required: You have three business days to fix or address the issue before your web page is upgraded to suspended status

Suspended: The Yahoo! Publisher Network has stopped serving Content Match ads to your web page based on continued violations of our terms of service. Action Required: Fix or address the problem, then submit a request for reinstatement

Submitted: You have submitted a request for reinstatement and are awaiting a response. The Yahoo! Publisher Network will respond with a decision within seven business days

Accepted: The Yahoo! Publisher Network has reviewed your resubmitted web page and determined that it is now in compliance with our terms of service. Content Match ads will appear on your web page immediately upon reacceptance

Action Required: Your web page has been “Warned” or “Suspended.” You must fix or address the issue to be in compliance with our terms of service

Blocked: Based on continued violations to our terms of service, the Yahoo! Publisher Network has opted to permanently block your web page from the Content Match program

Also, with YPN, publishers will still be able to login to their account if they do get suspended, so they can still access historical information such as stats or payment details. With AdSense, if you are suspended, your login stops working with a “no account found with this username and password” error.

Now, since most publishers won’t have a problem, here is what the alert would look like as a homepage alert in your account (click image for full size)


And here is an example of the problem detail it will show in the Compliance Manager to detail the problem and how to resolve it. (Click for larger)


I have to admit, this is a really great feature for YPN to give publishers. I have long asked (and blogged in multiple entries) about wishing that AdSense would do exactly this, so it is really nice to see YPN step up and give something extremely useful to publishers that AdSense does not offer.

And also kudos to YPN for giving much more transparency on what specifically the problem is and on what page the problem exists. Since AdSense is quite vague on many compliancy issues, this is quite refreshing to see this from Yahoo.

That said, yes, YPN publishers can (and I am sure will!) continue to be suspended for TOS violations in their account. But this will definitely give YPN publishers the chance to resolve other issues before they become a suspendable offense.

Note: This blog post was corrupted in the database and was reposted, please see for original comments.

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