YouTube to share ad revenue with original video uploaders

When Google bought YouTube, I wrote a long piece on how Google could monetize YouTube through video ads and revenue sharing text or image AdSense ads with those users who are creating and submitting original videos to the popular community. Now, the BBC has confirmed that they are in talks with Google with a revenue […]

It’s official! You can now run AdSense on the same page as other contextual ad programs

When Google updated their AdSense policies this week, there was a lot of confusion about the removal of the a certain part of the competitive ad policy, namely the one that saw the removal of the following: We do not permit Google ads or search boxes accessing Google search services to be published on web […]

What does the removal of “contextual” from competitive ads mean for AdSense publishers

AdSense Competitive Ads and Services Policy just got a lot tighter for publishers

Google AdSense updates their policies for January 2007

25 Blog Optimization Tips

Not exactly on contextual advertising, but I wanted to highlight an article I wrote for Search Engine Land yesterday, 25 Tips to Optimize Your Blog for Readers & Search Engines. I know many JenSense readers are also bloggers, so it might be useful especially if you are trying to earn money from your blog, whether […]

Google AdSense site diagnostic bug being fixed

New policy for images next to AdSense ad units