AdSense increases publisher earnings to $250 for new AdSense referrals

Have you noticed many $5 AdSense or AdWords referral popping up on your AdSense reports yesterday? Don’t worry, you aren’t losing out on the potential $100 you could earn when that referred publisher earns his or her first $100 with AdSense… in fact, you can now earn up to $255 for a single AdSense referral with the change made to the referral structure yesterday.

The new structure is two tiered, so publishers will no longer have to wait until their referral publishers to earn money from that referral. The first commission earned is only $5, but the publisher you refer only needs to earn $5 within 180 days for you to earn it. But it is with the followup commission that can really earn publishers some good money. Once that publisher then earns $100, you now will get a commission of $250, much higher than the previous commission of $100.

This is nice for publishers on a couple levels, and I was looking forward to this being implemented as soon as I initially heard the change was on its way (although I wasn’t told just how much the commission was increasing to). First, you will get a conversion even if that publisher doesn’t make $100 within 180 days… it is hard for a publisher not to earn $5 within the same time frame. And they have more than doubled what you can earn when those publishers do hit the $100 threshold, meaning those who are active in promoting the Google AdSense referral program can earn significantly more money.

The changes seem to apply to previous transactions as well, perhaps everything in the previous 180 days, judging from the stats showing up in the AdSense control panel.

The help files have not yet been updated, but we should see the help files and likely an announcement on the AdSense blog shortly.

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3 comments to AdSense increases publisher earnings to $250 for new AdSense referrals

  • Jen – more great info and thanks! All the more reason to keep your monetized pages up to date. Speaking of up to date… you need to update your speaking engagements. Where will you be next?

  • Ooops, LOL. I will be speaking at London SES in a week and a half 😉 Then after that will be NYC SES and then Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in Seattle.

  • Thanks for blogging about this great news. Previous, I was quite apprehensive about promoting Google Adsense because of the $100 minimum, but guess there’s nothing to stop me now. 🙂