Introducing Seodays conferences & training

I am pleased to announce the launching of Seodays, an intimate conference series on all aspects of search engine optimization & marketing, which I am partnered in, along with two well known industry personalities (and good friends of mine) Dave Naylor and Greg Boser. This was something that Dave and I had started talking about well over two years ago, but we finally sat down several times over the past few months at various conferences to start the true planning phase, not to mention numerous IM sessions at all hours of the day and night.

We see these conferences more as training, providing a lot of useful tips, advice, tools and knowledge that attendees can immediately turn around and use on their own websites and various types of online projects. We currently plan to hold them in London, US, Canada and Europe. Each Seodays will be tailored to what attendees want to learn with some also having a set theme. They will feature one or more guest speakers from the industry who are experts in those specific topic areas (if you are interested in being an expert presenter at Seodays, please submit a proposal here)

We also do on-site training for those with a larger in-house team where it makes sense for us to come to you rather than vice versa, as our exclusive Seodays. Again, these exclusive Seodays will be tailored to the exact needs of your company, so we will train specifically in what you need. These also include detailed health-checks, where we go over your site with a fine-tooth comb and find any issues that could cause problems in the search engines or things that should be changed to ensure better rankings. You can request more information on exclusive Seodays here.

I am pretty happy to finally be launching Seodays with Dave and Greg, turning from one of those “we should do…” ideas into something we actually are doing. We are finalizing details for locations for the Seodays, so be sure to sign up for the Seodays blog RSS, so you can be among the first to know all the details to sign up.

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