Both Google & Yahoo confirmed for Seodays in London next week

I am pretty pleased to say that both Google & Yahoo have confirmed speakers for Seodays next week in London. That means we will have representatives from all three of the big three search engines presenting next week at Seodays.

Yahoo will be presenting on the new Panama platform, which will (very soon?) be released to UK advertisers of Yahoo Search Marketing. I had the opportunity to be invited down to Yahoo for their Influencers event to get to play around with Panama prior to their original Panama launch in the US, and it is pretty impressive for those used to the legacy Overture system. This is definitely a not-to-miss opportunity for advertisers to get ahead prior to the UK launch.

Google’s Charlotte Morton (along with a second Googler who will be in attendance) will be presenting on Google AdWords. AdWords has had some great things going on lately, such as the AdWords Editor and the Website Optimizer. And most advertisers have very likely heard of the landing page quality score & algo.

In addition to Google & Yahoo, Mel Carson from adCenter is also presenting. We also have Heather from Hitwise & Ben Jesson and Dr Karl Blanks from Conversion Rate Experts.

We also have more specific details on each of our presenters on the official Seodays blog.

Dave & I are finishing polishing off all our presentations, getting the attendee business portfolios and USB sticks all ready to go, and busy doing reviews of attendee’s websites. Things are coming along great for a very successful event next week.

There still are some registration spots available for our March 20-21 Seodays next week at the Hilton Euston! If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so here. The agenda & session description is here, and we will be posting the finalized agenda later today.

Update: The agenda can be found here.

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