New adCenter tool for determining page sensitivity

Mel Carson from Microsoft adCenter did a great presentation at Seodays yesterday, and one of the interesting adLabs tools he pointed out was a tool that he alluded was used for determining on-page sensitivity for contextual advertising. While we don’t know when ContentAds will be launched for regular publishers (ContentAds is currently running on MSN properties only), this is a useful tool for any AdSense publishers that are running into problems with the stop word filter resulting in PSAs.

The tool is simply called Detecting Sensitive Webpages and you can submit a URL and it will give you a percentage score of how sensitive it believes the page content is.

Sensitive Content Detection helps you determine whether a webpage contains content that might be considered sensitive by general public.For example, content about porn, terrorism, or crime. This tool detects whether the input webpage contains sensitive content and assigns a confidence score.

For example, the page at
is considered as a sensitive webpage.

Since we will crawl page from the server on realtime,
so if the web page is generated by web server dynamically,
the result may be different from time to time.

While obviously the AdSense stop word filter will have different elements when compared to this tool, if you are having problems with sensitive content, this could be a helpful in trying to identify just what could be considered sensitive content.

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