Yahoo Publisher Network now has PayPal for payment option

For years I have been hearing people asking Google AdSense for the option of payments by PayPal. And when Yahoo Publisher Network launched, publishers also asked YPN for PayPal to be included as a payment option. And I always thought it would be one of those things that would never happen…. unless Google or Yahoo bought PayPal, of course!

Well, Yahoo has stepped up and is now offering payments via PayPal for publishers. And even better, the minimum required for publishers to receive payment via PayPal is only $50 as opposed to $100 for check, direct deposit, or transfer of funds to a Yahoo Search Marketing Account.

Here is more about the PayPal payments. And you just need to login to your YPN account in order to switch your payment options over to PayPal, if you prefer to receive your payments that way.

It will be interesting to see if many publishers decide to go for the PayPal option. I suspect it will be especially popular once YPN goes international, as it will save headaches for publishers cashing foreign checks and getting charged for payments in a foreign currency. I wonder if this is one of the steps that was being put in place prior to YPN going international?

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8 comments to Yahoo Publisher Network now has PayPal for payment option

  • Good news!
    Maybe it’s because adsense have introduce the idea to convert adsense win into adwords ?

  • I like that idea, maybe yahoo and google will keep each other in check while comes in and levels the playing field

  • PayPal will be good for international members. I don’t think so!!!
    PayPal have strange policy about using their account. Many international members can have PayPal account, but can’t receive payments. PayPal enables them only to send payments and my country is one of them. Although we are members of “Euro” Union.

  • Actually, this is a excellent thing for both domestic and international customers. Almost 90% of our publishers want to be paid by Paypal. Besides being fast (no hassles of checks clearing), its also super convenient for them.

    The only problem happens for some countries (like India, Brazil, etc I think) that are not able to withdraw the money locally (they have to either spend the money from Paypal — or request Paypal to send a check).

  • LGR

    It think this is great news for YPN publishers. PayPal is so convenient and it is something that is badly needed for other programs like AdSense, Adbrite etc. If only YPN would open up the doors to publishers in other countries they could really start to make some inroads against Google.

  • Google Adsense now has a beta program of sending payments via Western Union and I opted in because, in my country, international dollar checks take more than a month to clear and checks via snail mail take about 3 weeks to get here. Even if YPN goes international one of these decades, I will not want to receive payments via paypal, because, as goldmoney mentioned, we cannot withdraw the money anyway.

  • That’s quite good news from YPN.

    But since PayPal is so buggy, I think there’s going to be problems for many YPN publishers outside USA.

    PayPal is known to find fault with their customers for the smallest of reasons..and I think if YPN goes international, non USA publishers everywhere will have problems now and again, like getting their accounts limited, etc..

  • This is awesome. Google need to do the same thing!

    Does anyone have any idea when YPN will be available for other countries?