AdSense publishers could earn money through Google Maps

Are you a webmaster using the Google Maps API to create some of the cool customized maps or showoff specific places in various city maps? If so, you may be able to integrate advertisements – and your AdSense publisher ID – into your Google maps, meaning you could earn money if any of your visitors click on one of the ads displayed on the maps.

So how exactly would this work? Quite easily, actually. Publishers would not have to go and tag other locations of interest in hopes that there might be an advertisement associated with it. Instead, Google would automate the system of adding AdSense ads to the map.

This would mean that in addition to the points you are displaying on the Google map, Google would also add and display other paid for points of interest on the map. If a visitor moused-over one and then clicked on the displayed AdWords advertisement, they would receive revenue off of each of those clicks… just how Google AdSense currently displays ads that publishers earna portion of the revenue on when the ad is clicked.

When could this possibly be released? Google is not announcing that, at least not yet, according to Andrew Eland, the Google software developer who talked about the program at the Developers Day. But very likely, surfers could see some AdSense beta testers using this new feature on some of the customized Google maps out there in the near future, so keep your eyes open.

More from InfoWorld.

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4 comments to AdSense publishers could earn money through Google Maps

  • A few minor additions/corrections, based on what I learned at the Google Developer Day.

    1 – You say that the ad will appear if a visitor “moused over one”. Not true. They’ll need to click the ad points just as they would any other point. That will bring up the ad window. Clicking on the ad within the window would then generate the revenue for the site.

    2 – I don’t know if they slipped up, but at the Dev Day they said it would be coming out in June, though they wouldn’t give a specific date.

    This’ll be a great feature to have!

  • Jimmy

    Great stuff!

    Now, I hope they also bring ways for the publishers to monetize the clicks from toolbar autolinks to the google maps page (and subsequent clicks on the map adsense ads).

    Perhaps by recognizing AS id on a page that brought the people to the maps page, for example.

  • Thanks for this share! Also a good way to earn money is by monetizing the traffic that comes from images not only maps. So, google could index your image files and when people start searching for images on google image, they could easily end up on your site.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    Remi Vladuceanu

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