Google launches AdSense for Mobile… but only for certain countries

So I knew AdSense would be launching an AdSense for Mobile product sometime this fall, so I did what any good publisher would do… I researched how make mobile-friendly versions of some of my sites that I knew got mobile traffic, and started transitioning some to recognize the many mobile browsers and forward those visitors off to a That way I would be ready to get them AdSensed-up once the new product was released.

But alas, when i got the word they launched it, I log in and am greeted with “* We do not currently offer AdSense for Mobile in Canada. ” Although I do have to give them credit for at least alerting me to the fact that they won’t give it to me, rather than me wondering why it didn’t show up.

So who does get AdSense for Mobile? US, England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, India, China, and Japan are all on the list, either as having it already or will in the next few weeks.

I am starting to wonder what Google has against Canadians… first I had a whole fiasco with trying to be a qualified company in the Google AdWords Professionals program when they included just about every country in the world except Canada… and now this. I can see testing some things in the US only first, but that is a pretty large list of countries they are allowing, while excluding Canada. So I am pretty peeved, especially since their own Google Analytics tool tells me the vast majority of my traffic is US based.

So I am disappointed to say I don’t have any cool screenshots of AdSense for Mobile in action on my Blackberry to show you like I had planned.

AdSense hasn’t actually said too much about AdSense for Mobile, as they haven’t actually added anything about the new product to their help files yet when I searched for “mobile”… (“Your search — mobile — did not match any answers in the AdSense Help Center. Please edit your search terms and try again.”) They do have a press release as well as a blog entry. There are some documents available on compliancy (such as using a mobile markup language & having server-side scripting) once you click the “Get started” for AdSense for Mobile.

One can assume that smart pricing will still be applied to AdSense for Mobile, with the same/similar revenue share as is in place for standard AdSense.

There are two ad sizes available – single (one ad) and double (two ads stacked). The ads are text only right now, although one could expect they might move to image ads as well, for some of the newer mobile products. And yes, they are branded with Ads by Google 😉

To start using it, you will find it on your AdSense products page in your control panel… if it is available in your country, that is!

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5 comments to Google launches AdSense for Mobile… but only for certain countries

  • Give FeedM8 a try, we’ll convert your existing blog to a mobile site with mobile ads, you don’t need to make any changes to your current site. The sign-up is super simple too:

  • I dont think that this program will last long as mobile users dont want to run ads on their mobiles… i think there is no sense in this…

  • Adsense for mobile it’s not available in the Philippines either. We get spammed by the telecom providers here multiple times a day. I don’t see how they will be allowed to enter this highly competitive arena. I don’t think Adsense for Mobile is a good idea anyways

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I’m a Japanese AdSense publisher.
    Unfortunately, AdSense for mobile has not started in my country yet.
    It will be launched next month.
    Until then I’m going to get as much as info on you blog.
    Thank you.

  • I had no idea that the Adsense for Mobile was so limited in the number of countries it applies too. I have to admit that I was rather shocked that Canada was not yet included in this list. I also have to express some skepticism as to the success of this new product and whether or not mobile users will take advantage of it or not. One way that we may be able to gauge its success if if new countries are soon included in Adsense for Mobile as well.

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