AdSense report sorting issue may not be resolved for weeks

As any AdSense stat junkie knows, when you login to your AdSense account and click the “top channels” link, it automatically brings up your top earning channels for the day, or whichever view you choose, such as today, yesterday, last seven days, and a couple different month options. But since yesterday, the reports haven’t been bringing up the top earning channels.

Instead, when viewing the top channels, it seems to be pulling random channels for showing the data. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for pulling the specific channels, since they aren’t the top (or bottom) of the list even when looking at the other column data.

AdSensePro Ashley commented on Google Groups, and the news isn’t good for frequent stats checkers. The issue may not be resolved for weeks, with a fix coming sometime “in the coming weeks”.

Hi all,

Thanks again for reporting this issue. Please be assured that it will
be resolved in the coming weeks.
We apologise for any inconvenience it causes you, and appreciate your
patience in the meantime.


Granted, we are a week away from Christmas, but it seems that the fix is going to take much longer than would normally be expected, especially since this is definitely the most commonly used reporting selection in the entire control panel, not to mention the most convenient to publishers looking to keep an eye on things. And Christmas is when many publishers keep an extra-close eye on earnings, since they can wildly fluctuate based on market area and traffic over the weeks leading up to and following the holiday season.

Right now, the only way to sort channels by earnings is to go into advance reporting, click to show channel data, then select the “All” link to automatically check all the channels. Then Select group by Channel, then click display report. Then once the report has displayed, in the right hand column, click the “Earnings” link to sort the column by earnings. Not exactly as quick and easy as the old single-click “top channels” way, but at least the multiple-click way does show accurate sorting by earnings once all the clicking is done.

I suspect that it is a new Advanced Reports feature that broke the old sorting… The Inside AdSense blog announced a new feature for generating large reports that is also being added to publisher accounts in the next few weeks.

It will be interesting to see just how long “coming weeks” turns out to be. AdSense has some new features being rolled out or that are expected to be launched over the next couple of months, but it would be a shame if one of the most popular and well-used features is unusable because of these changes.

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5 comments to AdSense report sorting issue may not be resolved for weeks

  • Yes, the randown view had effraid me the first time 😀

    I’ve repported it too.

  • I thought something looked strange when I checked it yesterday, but we’re traveling so I didn’t worry about it too much. Thanks for the info in this post, though.

  • Jen, glad to have you back, I tought you forgot about this blog. 😉

    I hope they roll out in the next year Adsense publishing in the Google Maps API for the rest of the world and not only the US.

  • Its not random. the channel that u made first a couple of years ago is the first one…its anyoing and i hope it will be sorted out soon…

  • Jen – It’s very annoying how they’re currently sorting the channels. At least, they should have made the following colums clickable and sortable;

    – Page impressions
    – Clicks
    – Page CTR
    – Page eCPM
    – Earnings.

    This might be some help. Waiting till they update it again.

    BTW, glad to have you back! 🙂

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