Workaround for the AdSense “top channels” reporting problem

If you are still being annoyed by the sorting issue that Google is having with their “top channels” on the reporting overview page, there is a workaround that some publishers may not have thought of. You can save a custom report, and then click on it from your control panel.

Simply go into Advance Reports, and select the date range of “Today”, then click Show Channel Data. Select “All”, unless you prefer to select your most important channels, then select Group by Channel. Click the display report button and once the data is showing, click the “Earnings” link to sort by earnings, with the top earning channels first. Then, after you have sorted by earnings (not before!) go to the “Save as Custom Report” and enter in your report name, then press Save.

Now, when you login, simply scroll down to the custom reports listing on the overview page, and you can see all your top earning channels with one click, and it will stay sorted with the highest earning channels first. You may also want to do a second one for “yesterday” as well.

There is still no end in sight to this problem being fixed, so this is a quick and easy workaround in the meantime.

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