AdSense updates its Terms & Conditions

AdSense has gone ahead and updated their terms of service, the first time in a couple of years they have done so, although they have changed the policies much more frequently.

It is updating in a rolling release (and I have not heard from anyone has seen it in their account yet), so as soon as I get my hands on a copy of it (anyone at Google want to send me an advance copy, I’d appreciate it!!), I will do my usual AdSense Terms & Conditions update, with all the changes and my thoughts on what the changes mean for publishers.

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8 comments to AdSense updates its Terms & Conditions

  • I saw it yesterday and actually went here to check if you had the changes made.

    I could send them to you, but unfortunally they appear in portuguese.

  • I’ve no update in France.

  • Rob

    I have them if you still have not seen them.


  • Ann

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in to their AdSense account? When I try to login, I’m taken to the Terms & Conditions update page … which I accept. I’m then taken back to the AdSense login page and the cycle continues.

    Just me?


  • Hi Jen, I just got it (but in Swedish) and it looks as if the changes are mostly done to accomodate Video Ads.

  • pk

    The T & C seems to be puzling right now, I am trying to keep a tab of them, but its sure Adsense is coming up with more things like feed ads, email ads, widget ads soon, it would nice thing to earn honest and smart with Google Adsense : )


  • I had them in English and accepted them. That was about a week or so ago. Didn’t take a copy though. Sorry.

  • anthony

    omfg i keep accepting the terms and conditions thing, then i get sent to the log in screen and it says loading account or something, then im sent back to the terms and conditions thing again, and it just keeps happining

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