How to set up an alternate ad for AdSense

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #11 I have had a few people comment and email about how to set up an alternate ad for AdSense when I talked about Supplementing your AdSense income with affiliate ads, the instructions Google provides aren’t completely clear.  So here is how to set up your own alternate ad for AdSense, so […]

Using Clickbooth as an AdSense alternative

This is the second affiliate program I am having a look at as part of the Supplementing AdSense with Affiliate Ads article I wrote.  Up on deck today is Clickbooth, which has been getting a lot of buzz recently in the blogosphere.  I first heard about them a while back, and a couple people recommended them as a good compliment […]

Using Pepperjam Network with Google Adsense

Looking at affiliate programs that you can easily use to supplement your AdSense income, Pepperjam Network  is one of the newer affiliate networks on the block, although Pepperjam has been around the search industry for quite some time.   And if you frequent the many search engine conferences, you have probably seen Kris Jones speak before, […]

Supplementing AdSense with affiliate ads

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #10  It doesn’t cease to amaze me how many publishers are so concerned about their AdSense revenue – especially when it is the most significant portion, if not all, of their income – that they don’t dare use anything else on the page in case “Google gets mad”.  Well, fortunately for […]

Are your AdSense ads too blended?

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #9 A few years ago it was the latest thing to start blending AdSense ads by matching the ad units border and background color with the background of the site. People started trying it to increase CTR and slowly, seeing garishly styled ads slowly disappeared except on sites that needed […]

Why isn’t Google Ad Manager affiliate and AdSense publisher friendly?

When Google Ad Manager was announced, one of the places it was showcased was on the Google AdSense official blog, touted as a great ad management solution for publishers.  It is supposed to be a great way to mix AdSense with non-AdSense and to be used as a testing tool for publishers… the key is […]

Is your site content compliant with Google AdSense?

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #8  I have just returned from Search Engine Strategies New York where I spoke on two panels, one of them being an AdSense & Contextual Advertising site clinic.  In this, we go and look at websites volunteered by audience members to be reviewed.  And most of the time, Bryan Vu […]

Google launches Google Ad Manager for publishers

If you have been wanting to run an ad server for testing AdSense or simply to just better manage your ad inventory and available placements, you are in luck.  Google has launched their new Ad Manager platform, a “hosted ad management solution”.  It is free for publishers (at least it is as of now), although […]

Using AdSense Link Units in the footer & navigation

AdSense Optimization Boot Camp Tip #7  AdSense Link Units can perform very well for AdSense publishers who get the placement nailed down.  On regular content sites (ie. not blogs or forums), adding Link Units to both the footer and the side navigation are two of the best placements. If you haven’t used link units before, essentially […]

Could you see Google AdWords and other PPC ads with your name in the title?

How would you like to be doing a Google search and suddenly realize the ads are not just targeted to the search…. but actually have your Google account username right in the AdWords ad title, dynamically targeted to your name? Well, this could potentially become a reality, according to the New York Times Bits blog. […]