Changes at JenSense… new blog & tips to come

It is extremely long overdue, but I have finally ported (successfully, I think!) from being MovableType to WordPress. So along with it, a new blog design, although you will see that changed over the coming weeks too… I wanted to focus on the technical aspects first, before diving into esthetics!

If you notice any weirdness or redirects not working properly, please let me know… nearly all of the redirects are in place, although I still have a couple hundred pages left to redirect later today. But there are some issues with blog posts that had quotes in them.

Some interesting things I learned in the changeover:

  • I have written over 400 blog entries (I had no idea it was that many!), mostly on AdSense & YPN, since I launched this in 2004.
  • There are well over 2000 comments, although I know probably double that didn’t make the changeover due to all the blog spam it was mixed up in (over 200k worth), especially when comments were made a few days after the entry was posted. So sorry for anyone whose comments didn’t make the move, it wasn’t personal, honest!
  • My Google AdSense smart pricing post I did in 2005 still has thousands of page views a month. I am working on an update on smart pricing, so watch for that this month. My arbitrage publisher accounts being disabled wasn’t too far behind it with monthly page views. And, many people are still reading about Jason Calacanis.
  • Half of my blog entries are still viewed at least once a day.
  • This post on adCenter had way more blog spam than any other entry on the entire blog, although I am not sure what was particularly appealing to blog spammers on this one! It used to be this one until I made it no comment.
  • MovableType has nasty URLs for doing 301s… none of the workarounds worked without throwing off a ton of 404s, so all the redirects had to be done by hand.

JenSense is going to begin accepting advertising, now that it is changed over to WP. If you would like to sponsor JenSense, please contact me. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse any advertiser, so be warned!

You should probably update your feeds, I am not sure how wonderfully the feed redirects will work with all RSS readers coming from the old MT feed URLs. The new feed address is to resubscribe.

Lastly, now that the whole “moving to WordPress” is nearly complete, I am going to do something I have wanted to do for a while… the Jenstar AdSense Optimization Boot Camp! Each day in March I am going to post an optimization tip or suggestion you can use to increase your AdSense and/or YPN income for the month of March. And the privacy policy sample will be this week as one of the tips. Another reason you should make sure you have the right feed ;)

And if you have Twitter, follow me as I will post breaking news there first, while I am working on a longer blog entry on it.

That’s it! Please let me know on any weirdness, or if there is something you would like me to address in the AdSense boot camp!

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