Using Clickbooth as an AdSense alternative

This is the second affiliate program I am having a look at as part of the Supplementing AdSense with Affiliate Ads article I wrote.  Up on deck today is Clickbooth, which has been getting a lot of buzz recently in the blogosphere.  I first heard about them a while back, and a couple people recommended them as a good compliment for AdSense, when I did my shoutout for affiliate programs.

My first look at Clickbooth was a little overwhelming when compared to how CJ is set up and what they offer.  Clickbooth offers a lot of alternative affiliate advertising other than simply on-page ads which AdSense publishers know and love.  They do contextual/popunder (note: this is not the same kind of contextual that AdSense publishers are familiar with, which might confuse some publishers), network, on-site placement, opt-in email marketing, path and search/contextual keywords.  So for AdSense publishers looking for a good alternative ad or to supplement on-page advertising, you will want to filter your results to only show “on-site placement” advertisements

They do offer some tools for affiliates, such as the ability to use their ad server to rotate various banners for you, if you do not have your own ad server.  The code Clickbooth provides seems to be workable for using as an Adsense alternative ad.

For types of ads, there are a lot of the usual ones that people expect to see in an affiliate program, such as financial services, plenty of business opportunity companies, dating sites, and various weight loss programs.  And there is the ever-present Vistaprint… is there an affiliate network they aren’t in? 

Most of the ads are compliant with the AdSense terms/policies, although there are some ones to download things like cursors, which could be iffy depending if anything else is downloaded along with them 🙂  There are a lot of programs in Clickbooth with geographic restrictions, so be sure you are using ones that are available to the country(ies) where the majority of your traffic is from.  Otherwise, you can use your own geotargeting so that your chosen ads only show to people located in the country it is available to, so you can show those outside those countries a different ad.

There are some restrictions in the terms before signing up, such as a minimum of 1000 unique page views per month, a top level domain, and have content.. none of which should be a problem for AdSense publishers.  They have a list of “site may not include” restrictions are pretty similar to AdSense, so again, it shouldn’t be an issue if you are in AdSense and compliant.  The one issue that some publishers could find is that the site must be in English only, understandable since the ads I all saw are in English. 

For payments, you have your choice of payment by check or PayPal.  There is a current payment threshold of $50.  Payments are made 15 days after the month’s end… meaning if you earned $100 in March, payment would be made about Apri 15th.

I do find it a bit disconcerting to see my account manager – or affiliate strategist as they are called at Clickbooth – staring at me with the photo avatar on the top of my screen… and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps guys get a hot chick looking at them to encourage them to contact their account managers!  I know many guys have said they can’t help but click when its a hot chick in the avatar.

You can find Clickbooth here (that is not an affiliate link).   They also have a Twitter @clickbooth but it doesn’t appear to be active aside from the first tweet (hint, hint, Clickbooth, you will get a lot more followers if you start tweeting 🙂 )

Not sure how to use an affiliate program with AdSense?  Read Supplementing AdSense with affiliate ads.  I have also had a couple questions about how to use alternate ads properly, so that is on deck for later today! 

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12 comments to Using Clickbooth as an AdSense alternative

  • Nick

    Great review. Clickbooth is a great affiliate company.

  • James

    Hey Jen!

    Great Read. I have been a longtime Clickbooth Affiliate FANatic.

    Love them. You mentioned net-15…I know your a Queen Baller…gotta ask them about Weekly Wires!

    Been getting those for years now, helps me turnaround my Ad Spend quicker.

    Thanks a ton,

  • James – Queen Baller, I must admit, that’s a new one for me.

    Yes, most affiliate networks have some sort of special payment deals in place (usually weekly) and often by wire transfer / direct deposit for super affiliates earnings above a certain $ each week. If you think you could be at that level, it can’t hurt to ask your account rep at whichever aff network it is, if you can get payments weekly as well.

  • I’ve been using clickbooth for years now.

    I still remember once when I made like 10k over a weekend from some $1 per click campaign, man that was fun 🙂

  • Nan

    I have been using adsense for quite some time, and today I decided to try clickbooth, how long does it take to get approved? i am eager to try them 😉

  • peter

    clickbooth is great. i have been using it and it is the only thing i use. with clickbooth i dont had to go out there and look for a job anymore.

  • johnny

    Great to see the truth come out, clickbooth has always been loyal to me and therefore I stay loyal to them, After all this industry is all about sharing revenue :D, I make them money and they pay me as a publisher :D. Clickbooth by far one of my favorite CPA networks that ive used so far

  • Hi Jenne,

    The article was very nice and found useful, i am using clickbooth for almost one year at the same tiem i am using adsense also. Now my adsense got banned for some reason and i would like to use clickbooth as an alternative.
    As you have said i have tried contextual but clickbooth doesn’t displays any campaings, could you explain me little bit more…


  • […] If you are planning to purchase a brand new car, you wouldn’t just go into the first dealership you find and buy your new car there on the spot without checking out any other dealerships. The same thing goes for advertising too. Avoid the mistake of just using Google AdSense or just using Commission Junction, unless it has proven itself to be the most successful for you. While both Google AdSense and Commission Junction attract many new bloggers simply because of name recognition, don’t forget there are many other networks out there. I have done a few reviews on JenSense of different ad networks that supplement AdSense well, read the reviews on the Pepperjam Network and on ClickBooth. […]

  • Interesting review. Hope, Clickbooth is a great affiliate company, so I’ll try. Or, at least read something other about it. Just to be sure 😉

  • Glenda

    New to it all and doing the research. Would you recommend going with several
    advertising companies like google adsense and clickbooth? Is there any problem with adsense only as I have read some posts indicating that adsense is hard to understand why they terminate or ban you. If terminated from adsense-can you go to another or are you banned everywhere?

  • Jen: Thank you so much for providing such a great wealth of information! As a newbie, I am trying to read as much info as I can on SEO and monetizing my site. Right now I am entering my third month using Adsense which is off to a good start, and I have been using CJ for about six weeks. I have an average of 12 clicks per day on CJ, but have only landed one sale and one lead during this entire time. This afternoon I will look into Clickbooth as a supplement to Adsense, and as a possible replacement for CJ. Thanks again Jen!

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