So how are your AdSense link units performing?

If you wanted to see how your link units were performing on a site or a page, you used to have to tag them with a seperate channel, but the results were skewed because there were impressions on the site and impressions once the actual page of link units was displayed.

Google has just updated their control panel and you can now run reports just on link units.  And, it will show the page impressions, clicks, then the number of link clicks, and the Page eCPM.  This makes it much easier to identify how link units are performing versus regular ad units or referral ads on the page. 

 Want to try out some link units and haven’t yet?  Read Using AdSense Link Units in the footer & navigation to give you a good placement to start with.

Read more on the AdSense blog, along with a screenshot that ironically shows no link unit data, just where you change to show the link unit data.  Do note that data is only available back to May 2007.  But if you run a report trying to pull data including dates previous to that, it will end up showing no data at all due to a bug that the AdSense team is working on.

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5 comments to So how are your AdSense link units performing?

  • I already split my Link Units into different channels, but still useful for other people I guess!

  • I haven’t tried the link units and have stayed with the text links. With this information maybe I’ll try it out, especially with the new stats in place. Thanks for the info!

  • Visit my blog and let me know what’s wrong, i have no clicks and few visitors…

  • Jen,

    I have quite a number of technical/advice sites and I find that AdSense link units perform the best. My horizontal link units outperform my 300x250s by more than double. I find image ads are getting very little clicks and income…

    What are others seeing?


  • Its confusing because effectively, the visitors have to clicks twice for an actual click to be paid for. First they have to click on the link in our web site… then it opens the “ad page”… then they have to be interested enough to click (again) on the actual ad in the ad page. It is only this second click that we can get paid for. Not the first.

    I heard a lot of complaining about the CTR being close to zero. My experience is quite good with the links, though. My theory is that the “contextualization” has to be very good for this to work. So if someone’s web site is “general” and the ads don’t target well, it is rare that they will get that second click.

    My site

    contains a lot of content for women about fashion, beauty, art, and my original music. So the links have topics like “hair”, “cosmetics”, or “music”. When the visitors click they get exactly what they are interested in. So it is a way to compact a whole page worth of ads into a tiny line.

    If you have a site about computer expert stuff… you might stick to the regular ads instead of the links ?

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