Wondering why your AdSense stats are low today?

If you logged in this evening and discovered you only had about 1/10th of the revenue you were expecting, have no fear.  Google AdSense was doing some maintenance today, although their maintenance did run 2-3 hours passed their expected maintenance time.

 From the Inside AdSense blog:

This Saturday, August 23rd, our engineers will be performing site maintenance from 10am to 2pm PDT. You’ll be unable to log in during these hours, but we’ll continue to track your earnings and serve ads to your pages.

PDT is also known as Googleplex time 🙂

But maintenance ran well past 4:00 PDT however, so the scheduled maintenance turned out to be a bit longer than expected, although Google AdWords customers were informed that their buy ambien downtime would be until 4:00.

And don’t worry, AdSense did specifically state that ads were continuing to run throughout this time, and I checked, they were 🙂

 Stats are slowly updating, and they should be showing the true amount late tonight or early tomorrow, usually about the time you begin to show stats for the next day, the previous day’s stats should be complete.  You may also notice really skewed data (ie. 100% CTR etc) since sometimes the different metrics can update at different times after an upgrade.

So bottom line, your AdSense bottom line will not be affected by this downtime.

If anything changes, I will post a message on Twitter, so you can follow me @jenstar on Twitter.

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