Publishers using ads to get around AdSense rules

For a couple of years now, there has been a definite trend of publishers – often ones booted out of the AdSense network – to use branded Google ads to display ads on their website. While publishers running Google AdSense ads have to follow strict polices and terms, those running Google Ads through the […]

AdSense having problems with the competitive ad filter

For the last month or so, publishers have been rumbling that perhaps the competitive ad filter isn’t working as well as it has previously. This seems to be an issue particularly for publishers blocking “Made for AdSense” sites – spammy sites using AdWords to drive traffic to their sites, with those sites often running Google […]

Are you guilty of these Google AdSense violations?

Google AdSense made a big push to get some of the bad apple publishers out of the Google AdSense system last year.  And of course, many publishers are absolutely terrified of running afoul of the Google AdSense police, and live in fear that they may have taken a slight misstep that will get their account banned.  […]

Adobe & Yahoo discontinue Ads for Adobe PDFs

One of the unique contextual ad programs, Ads for Adobe PDF has been discontinued and will cease serving ads on March 31, 2009.  Ads for Adobe PDF was unique in that it served contextually targeted ads in Adobe PDF files, with the ads being served by Yahoo.  Thank you for your early adopter support and […]

Is your site too AdSense heavy?

I have often spoken at conferences about how some websites are too “AdSense heavy”.  Now, this isn’t so much about using all the available ad units per page – although this can sometimes be a factor depending on the ad unit placement – but rather leaving a visitor with the impression you are only wanting […]

Using AdSense on your blog to spot exploits

I got an email over the holidays from an AdSense publisher who was struggling with the fact her blog was being plagued by ads for Xanax, Tramadol and other prescription drugs.  But the problem wasn’t on all her pages, it seemed only a few were totally off-target for the site content at first.  So she ignored […]