Payments due AdSense publishers from account hold bug delayed until March

If you were one of the publishers who ended up with your AdSense account on hold for payments due to an AdSense bug, you were reassured that payments would be processed to be included at the end of February.  Originally, AdSense Pro William posted on their support forums that payments would be included in the […]

Introducing ADSPACE – Contextual Advertising Conference & Expo

I have been speaking about contextual advertising (both for publishers and advertisers) for many years now, but it has always been a part of a larger scope conference, where the focus has been on a much broader topic, such as search engine marketing or blogging. Well, that is about to change because ad:tech has launched […]

AdSense now lets publishers choose their own font

If you have been watching the new fonts AdSense has been testing over the past couple of months, looks like the testing paid off because now publishers have just been given a new option in their AdSense accounts to choose their own fonts. The new options are “Standard AdSense font family”, which varies by ad unit but is […]

Google AdSense will be down for maintenance Saturday February 21, 2009

If you were one of the many people who were in a panic last week after AdSense stats ceased to update for about 12 hours, Google is giving you plenty of warning this time… there will be maintenance this Saturday. Our engineers will be performing routine site maintenance this Saturday, February 21st. While you won’t […]

AdSense stats are not updating

If you nearly had a heart attack when you logged into your AdSense account today and saw you were earning only a mere fraction of what you were expecting, you are not alone 🙂  Google AdSense stats have been stuck for at least 8-9 hours, and it seems to be affecting all publishers.  Ads are still being served […]

Should Google do an AdSense for Widgets program?

The news that Google in Japan has been using a marketing company that utilized a pay per post campaign of a new keyword widget has been pretty hot news here at SMX West.  And of course, if you are doing search engine optimization, you are probably aware that Google has taken a stand against pay […]

AdSense launches AdSense for Mobile Search

If you have a site with a lot of mobile traffic, you might want to check out the latest addition to the AdSense family, AdSense for Mobile Search.  Instead of using your own mobile search tool on your site, you can instead use the Google Mobile Search tool, and share in any generated revenue when […]

Google bug causes some AdSense payments to be held

Did you not receive your expected AdSense payment at the end of January or beginning of February?  Well, the problem could be a bug that seemed to be  placing AdSense accounts on an invisible hold, and if your account is on hold, payments are not issued.  So as a publisher, your account would look like business as […]

Should you block advertisers that display phone numbers in ads?

Depending on what market area you are in, you may have seen ads showing up with phone numbers in the ad.  From an advertiser perspective, it is the possibility of getting a conversion without having to pay for a click… a pretty smart move from any perspective if the call to action of the ad […]

AdSense testing larger font in ad units

Publishers have the belief that bigger is always better… and it looks like AdSense is feeling the same way at the moment.  Google AdSense is now testing a much larger font in AdSense ad units… and when you compare the two same sized ad units side-by-side, one with the new larger font and the other […]